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Course One

An Introduction to the Science of Climate and Climate Change

Course one provides an introduction to the concepts of regional climate prediction and the current understanding of the issues surrounding the use of regional climate change data. The course is a stand-alone, un-tutored learning experience that can be taken at the convenience of the user. It is freely available online and is also distributed on CD-ROM.

The course uses a mixture of text, images, animations, and video to ensure that the material is delivered in a lively and engaging way. Throughout the course you will be prompted to undertake activities so that your learning is both reinforced and appropriate to your own region of the world.

The course comprises nine units; each unit has a distinct theme and takes about two hours to complete. The course begins with an overview of the Earth’s climate system and its drivers; it then explains the variability of climate and finally introduces global and regional climate modelling. The course ends with a summary and a test to assess your learning.

As well as studying the course, you will also have the opportunity to take part in the dedicated online community. By registering for course one you automatically have access to the community where you can post and read comments about the course and about more general issues of climate modelling and prediction. We hope that this will be become a lively forum for debate and discussions.

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